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Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA)



Christine Wyman
Academy of Health Careers Coordinator
352-795-4641 Ext.4854

HOSA is a national and technical organization of students in Health Science and Health Occupation courses endorsed by the United States and the Florida Department of Education.

With more than 120,000 members nationwide, over 10,000 in Florida alone, we are committed to the development of leadership skills, motivation and recognition.

HOSA is 100% healthcare.  Members compete in various health-related events at regional, state, and national competitions.

HOSA is a student led organization of future  healthcare professionals providing opportunities for health career students to develop, practice, and refine their leadership and teamwork skills.

HOSA offers students college scholarships and recognition awards at the state and national level.

Potential HOSA members must be enrolled in the Academy of Health Careers and pay the necessary dues at the beginning of the year.

To learn more about HOSA, visit the following link: