Academy of Health Careers: Field Experiences

The Academy of Health Careers takes pride in not only providing students with rigorous, content-driven coursework in students' fields of interest, but also offering one of a kind, learning outside of the classroom.

Through these "extra" experiences, students develop important skills they can take with them into the future. These skills are essential for students to compete both the higher education and professional markets as well as serving as some of the most memorable experiences students have of their time in high school. 

Real World Experiences:  Students have the opportunity to experience working medical professionals and facilities providing students with an up-close look at various careers in the medical field. Through our visits to Johns-Hopkins All Children's Hospital students experience observing and learning from medical professionals in a real-working hospital. Our clinical experiences in various medical facilities throughout the county allows students experience working hands-on in a related or chosen field of study providing students with knowledge and experience they could not get elsewhere. Recently, The Perry Initiative provided a select few applicants the opportunity to experience hands on bone repair and casting techniques in a one-of-a-kind workshop seminar providing those students with opportunity they could not get elsewhere.

All Children's TripJHACHERPerryInit

Leadership: Students develop these skills by participating in activities such as Junior Achievement and Kinderbuddies which allows them to serve as mentors and teachers to younger students. Students also develop leadership skills throughout their coursework and through our Kiwanis Field Day event each year. 

Team Work: Working with others is an essential skill that will be required of students in most every field they enter. Through our yearly visit to Caruth Camp students develop the skills necessary to work with others in various capacities. This is further developed as students move through the course work in each pathway. 

Compassion: In virtually every medical field, students will need to practice compassion. Compassion for their patients, family members and other professionals. There is no day it is on display more than on Kiwanis Field Day. Students work, often one-on-one with the Special Olympic athletes encouraging, celebrating and helping them throughout the day.